Francis Oliverio.

A designer (stylist) and dressmaker from Cebu City.

Fashion is always a statement, whether you are consciously thinking about it or not. It means that fashion represents a person’s state of mind and state of being. I’ve never really thought that fashion is only for an exclusive few. It is for and of everyone. It means that clothes have to be on someone’s back at a certain point. For it to be on someone’s back, the clothes have to be accessible and of the moment. I prefer fashion that crosses boundaries, cultures and lifestyles. I like clothes that can be styled in different ways for the wearer to truly make it her/his own thus breathing life into the fabrics and materials.

For a clothing line, I prefer garments that cross work and play, urban and resort.  I like it because I like it and I just think that it is how people will live now and in the future. I would want a lot of people to wear the clothes I make rather than just an exclusive bunch. I like to make clothes that people wear on a daily basis: when they apply for a job or go to work, when they take care of their families or enjoying a simple vacation, when they’re going out with their friends or doing overtime in the office, when they live their lives and do the things that matter. I like the clothes to have “a sense of cool” within them. But above all, I like clothes that generate a positive feeling.  I adore couture as well. Nothing beats well designed, well made clothes that fit a person, and not just a body, well. Clothes are mere tools, so we can think, say and do what we need and want to think, say and do in the best way possible.

I don’t want to be considered as an artist because I am not. I would prefer to be considered a “stylemaker” or something to that effect because that is what I do and would love to do.

“Don’t put on a piece of clothing because you need to cover your body. Do so because you want to reveal yourself. Don’t carry a bag because you need to take things with you. Do so because you want to leave behind what doesn’t matter. Don’t wear a pair of shoes because you need to walk. Do so because you want to fly.” – Francis Oliverio


Mobile 63 906 368 1481

Telephone 63 32 268 9683

Email punkyoliverio@yahoo.com

Office J. Llorente St., Cebu City, 6000, Philippines

Google Map Link:



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