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o·pen-end·ed (pn-ndd) adj.

1. Not restrained by definite limits, restrictions, or structure.

2. Allowing for or adaptable to change.

3. Inconclusive or indefinite: “faintly bemused and uneasily open-ended about the whole horrible business” (Charles Michener).

4. Allowing for a spontaneous, unstructured response: an open-ended question.


Definition of OPEN-ENDED

: not rigorously fixed: as
a : adaptable to the developing needs of a situation
b : permitting or designed to permit spontaneous and unguided responses


Terrapins and Tortoises

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Poison Dart Frog

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Marc Chagall

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A painter whose style I can relate to and adore.

Here is a Youtube link featuring some of his works:

and to his bio:



Vaslav Nijinsky

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Here’s a slideshow of some of his photos:

Ode to Cancer

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Hymn to Isis

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For I am the first and the last
I am the venerated and the despised
I am the prostitute and the saint
I am the wife and the virgin
I am the mother and the daughter
I am the arms of my mother
I am barren and my children are many
I am the married woman and the spinster
I am the woman who gives birth and she
who never procreated
I am the consolation for the pain of birth
I am the wife and the husband
And it was my man who created me
I am the mother of my father
I am the sister of my husband
And he is my rejected son
Always respect me
For I am the shameful and the magnificent one

– 3rd or 4th century BCE, discovered in Nag Hammadi

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